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About  Us

Who We Are

Ridge South Industrial Corporation (RSIC) is a leading independent industrial products manufacturer and prototype design service company located in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China. The Company specializes in professional industrial product prototype design and innovation service, production project management, quality control and supply chain management. The unique competitive advantage of Ridge South Industrial Corp is its professional experience in product manufacturing and innovation design.

What We Do

Ridge South is well positioned to provide the most efficient and competitive services to maximize its value proposition to its clients. The Company develops, manufactures and supplies a large variety of products including Indoor Living products, Outdoor Living products, Home Décor, Electronics, Home Hardware, Lighting product, Garden facilities, Hardware and Tools and many custom designed products. Main feature products include charcoal, propane and natural gas BBQ, BBQ accessories, Fire pit, Hearth tools and fireplace set, Stainless Steel solar lights, Handles and Nobs, Kitchen and Bathroom hardware etc.

The senior management team and Board of Directors at Ridge South fully understand the importance of quality and essence of adding value to its clients through its product design service. In the past 5 years, Ridge South has reinforced its product prototype design and innovation service business by expanding its line of business to more product categories, reducing the design lead time and cutting more design cost. This optimizes Ridge South’s total value proposition to its clients.

History and Industry Expertise

With over 20 years industry experience and in-depth market intelligence, Ridge South has served many international and domestic markets with innovative design, superior quality and efficient supply chain management. . These include successful business relationships with many large retailers, national distributors and wholesalers across Asia, North America and Europe.

Ridge South’s key success advantages are Top Quality, Unique Products, High Reliability, Superior Services and Competitive Prices in the industry

Ridge South will continue to work closely with its clients to bring more successful products to the markets and consumers.